那是傍晚六点半,我看到她的贴文时怔住了。她搭了一辆从阿德雷到布里斯本的卡车,今晚抵达,想找个地板借宿。这不就是我吗?多少个夜晚,多少辆车上,我带着紧张的心情,不知道今晚在哪过夜的心情,希望有人收留的心情。其实那也是一种期待,希望有人看见我,说一句把我家当你家吧!Mi casa tu casa (my house is your house)! 

因为秉持着这种信念,Ellen 成了我第一个地板客,而我们相知地交换了一夜的故事。

陌生人不一定可怕,可怕的是自己的恐惧,和紧紧关上的那扇心门。当你看见我们,你会说一句 "mi casa tu casa" 吗?

Ellen, a tiny 21 year-old girl, she is only 150cm tall. She quit her university, took her backpack and travel in depth across australia for a year and a half. She joined the aboriginal festival, slept in the desert, saw the starry sky of the outback. 

It was 6.30pm when I saw her post, saying she was on a truck from Adelaide to Brisbane, looking for a place to crash for a night. I immediately felt affiliated to her, as it reminded me of how many days and nights I was in the same situation, hoping someone would just take me in for the night, and tell me "mi casa tu casa"! 

Because of that, she became my first floor crasher, and we did a night of storytelling. 

Strangers are not scary, our indifferent and full of fear hearts are. Next time when you see us, would you say "mi casa tu casa"?
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