"So I will go to your house at 3pm."
OK. But what if I am not home by the time you arrive?
"I will wait for half an hour then I will come back later at night."
Cant believe you dont OWN a phone for years now.


What happens when you get very lost? 
"There are always human beings around."

Wait so how am I going to know you are here?
"Hmmm, I will stand in front of that bus station,

you can see me when you look out your window."

"See this is where we began to use our creativity

and think and plan and memorize."

"And we began to talk to each other,

and rely on each other more.

We even look at each other while talking,

when we are not OWNED by a phone."


"So lets go back to where we began.

Our humanity."






You still have to take photos though.

"I think you meant camera?"

Right. :)

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