Beautiful day today in Newman, sunny and warm in the afternoon, went out for a bike ride with Luisa, talked about random things and caught up with things that happened recently.

Told her I’m still feeling lonely sometimes, especially when all the Australians talking to each other in a big group, still don’t get it 20% of time, and a lot of culture and background difference between us that hinder me to be connected at a deeper level.

Sportwise they’re interested in Australian Footy, Cricket, Netball, Rugby. No badminton, table tennis, soccer.

Celebritywise they’re talking bout Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Oprah. No Mayday, Fish Leong, Anthony lau.

Acitivitywise they like to go hiking, outdoor walking, swimming, fourwheel driving, fishing, camping, no internet freak, otaku, videogames and Japanese animo.

Culturewise they believe in standing up for own right, speak up and don’t really mind being a bitch sometimes. No modesty, perseverance, humility and endurance.

Interestwise they go out drinking, party, talk about girls, girls talk bout guys. No mamak stall yamcha, sit at beach watching sunset (of course there’s no beach in Newman), watching movie and shopping.

Relationshipwise they hook up in the bar and get the first cute guy that comes into their sight. Not much expectation of inner values of future partner.

Loneliness is, even when people are surrounding me, I feel disconnected.

But hush now, there’re a lot of other things to worry about, much more important than my own little world, that is the forgotten poor and needy in this world. Not even on the other side of earth, they’re around us, everywhere, if we are ever willing to see.

Our guest speaker at church service this morning was Steve from TEARS organization ( ). He shared that when he was in Bangladesh talking to this group of 20 women, 1 of the woman asked him this question:  I wake up every morning in cold sweat, thinking how am I going to make ends meet and feed my family today. What’s the first question that comes into your mind first thing in the morning?

The speaker said: I didn’t dare to tell her, it usually was ‘Do I really have to go to work today?’. We just dont realise how lucky we are to just have a job.

Another man told him, if you come here to help us and change our lives, please forget it and go back to your home country. But if you come here to set yourself free and be liberalized from your culture, see through the difference between us and truly appreciate it and change your perspective about things and values, and at the same time help us out, then you are very welcomed.

If you own a car, no matter what brand or how old that car is, then you’re a rich person, as in you’re the 20% materially rich person in this world.

If us, the 20% rich people, are all helping the 80% population in this world. Eventually, this world’s gonna be upside down.

I think its time for me to go, widen my horizon, and refresh my perspective and way of seeing world. :)


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  • chie
  • well expressed..
    couldn't be more agree to what you've said..
  • babycass
  • :) thanks sweetie. we have the same mind